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WP Continuity of Education Plan

April 02, 2020

Wauneta-Palisade Educational Continuity Plan

Last Modified March 31, 2020


Overview & Purpose

The mission of Wauneta-Palisade School is “Inspiring Our Youth and Expecting Results Every Day.”  We will continue to do everything we can to carry out that mission and ensure that learning continues even in these unprecedented times and the event of long-term school building closure.  In order to achieve this we will continue to provide access to teachers and curriculum so that students can independently extend their learning with the direction of the teacher. The following plan outlines how we will provide education for students in the Extended Learning Environment.


Timeline of Continuity of Education

Phase 1 (Preparation and initial implementation):

  • March 11-April 3- Administration continuously monitors situation and participates in multiple meetings to remain current on NDE and Health Department recommendations

  • March 17-18- Students in school as teachers begin to prepare them for what learning could look like during an extended school closure

    • Practiced with technology, set up google classrooms, synced phones to school email, set up notification

    • Surveys sent out to families and students to identify families with internet access needs and food service needs

  • March 19-20- Teachers meet and prepare learning (lessons and activities) for extended learning

  • March 23- School Counselor sent “Check In” form to 6-12 students and continued conversations with students who requested that

  • March 23-April 3- Enrichment activities provided for all students 

    • Special Education Teachers contact parents regarding services in extended learning environment

    • Special Education teachers communicate and work with classroom teachers to develop methods to assist student learning


Phase 2:

  • March 25- Administration communicates long term closure dates to teachers, students, parents, and patrons.

  • April 1 - 2- Teachers communicate with students and families about transition to instructional standards based learning via Extended Learning Environment.

  • April 6- 6-12 classes transition to from enrichment to instructional standards based learning via Extended Learning Environment.

  • April 6 - May 1- Teachers communicate with, instruct, and give feedback to students during Extended Learning

  • April 6 - May 1- Administration monitors teaching and learning activities during Extended Learning

  • Each school day is an In-Session Extended Learning Day.


Administration and Staff Expectations

  • Provide regular communication to all stakeholders

  • Support faculty and students/families shifting to learning plan

  • Collaborate with other staff members regarding instructional strategies for students

  • Work together to communicate with students and families regarding:

    • student learning objectives 

    • how to access the resources provided

    • to provide regular feedback with students and parents (as needed)


Counselor Expectations

  • Serve as liaison for communication with students/families in crisis

  • Provide support where needed

  • Available for students and parents to contact via email (bjohanson@wpbroncos.net) or school phone (308-394-5700) to set up counseling meetings via email, phone call or Zoom meeting. 


SPED Teacher Expectations

  • Communicate regularly with the subject or classroom teachers who teach students on your caseload

  • Communicate regularly with students and/or their parents

    • Provide and communicate addendum to IEP with students/families

  • Provide supplementary learning activities for students (as needed)


Non-Core Teacher Expectations

  • Develop a variety of appropriate activities being mindful of the resources families may or may not have in their home

  • Communicate to students the sites and/or resources you will be using


Parent/Guardian Expectations

  • Help your student(s) to establish a regular daily routine on “school days”

  • Encourage your student(s) to continue their learning with opportunities being provided

  • Check the school website and Facebook page frequently for updates from school

  • Ensure/help your student(s) check for teacher communication regularly (e-mail, google classroom, Remind, class facebook page, etc)

  • Assist your student with connecting to resources when they have questions or concerns

    • When in doubt contact the teacher of the class or the office


Remember, we are all in this together!!!






Student Expectations

  • Check on learning expectations/assignments daily: email, google classroom, Remind app, etc.

  • Complete coursework as assigned in a timely manner (timeline will be established by the teacher) and to the best of your abilities

  • Work with family and teachers to establish daily routines to engage in the learning experiences

  • Communicate proactively with your teachers if you need help or support

  • Engage in all learning with academic honesty


All Student Handbook policies are effective during e-learning and live video conferences. Be a good digital citizen and comply with the Digital Citizenship Agreement and Appropriate Use Guidelines. The policies of the Student Handbook remain in effect during our Extended Learning time.


6-12 Students

  • Students may be presented new material in a variety of formats utilized by teachers such as, assigned reading, attached assignment sheet/worksheet, video lessons, Zoom classroom sessions, etc.

  • Homework, Quizzes, and Exams will be assigned by teachers and returned in an appropriate timeline as determined by the class teacher, and will be graded as regular school day material with a focus on feedback and understanding of content

    • Teachers will provide opportunities for students to improve grades

  • Classroom teachers will maintain communication with other staff members, students, and parents to ensure student learning is meaningful and consistent with our learning goals.


6-12 Class Zoom Schedule

Monday & Wednesday (times are Mountain)

8:30-9:00- 1st period

9:15-9:45- 2nd period

10:00-10:30- 3rd period

10:45-11:15- 4th period


Tuesday & Thursday (times are Mountain time)

8:30-9:00- 5th period

9:15-9:45- 6th period

10:00-10:30- 7th period

10:45-11:15- 8th period

  • The purpose of  zoom class meetings are for instruction, support, and to provide opportunities for students to interact with and ask questions to the teacher.  These zoom meetings will be recorded and made available for any students who are unable to be in attendance.

  • Teachers will be available for students who have further questions or need support from 12:00-2:30 Mountain Time Monday-Thursday via e-mail, zoom, or other means of communication determined by the classroom teacher

K-5 Students 

  •  Material will be assigned each “school day”.  These assignments may be in the form of learning packets or online activities (IXL, Zearn, Path Blazer, etc).  

  • Students may be presented new material in a variety of formats utilized by teachers such as, assigned reading, attached assignment sheet/worksheet, video lessons, Zoom classroom sessions, etc.

  • Teachers will use Zoom sessions or other means to check in with students and/or parents in a live video conference setting.

  • Schedule will be determined by the individual classroom teachers

Access and Equity

  • All K-12 students have 1:1 devices (Ipad K-3 and Chromebook 4-12) that have been issued to them by the school.

  • Access to the internet has been made available to all students in their homes.

  • If students and/or families need assistance with any of the learning resources, devices, or internet accessibility please contact their instructors and/or administration.

  • School staff will work with individual families to provide regular packets containing hard copies of learning activities in the event that a family does not have adequate access to the internet.

    • Parents/guardians are asked to reach out to their instructors to make these arrangements.

  • Special Education & ELL students will be provided with an addendum of accommodations, modifications, and services.

    • SPED teachers will work with students, families, and regular education teachers to create a plan for continuity of learning and services during school closure

    • SPED teachers will proactively communicate with students and parents to check on progress, answer questions, and.or provide appropriate services.


Guide for questions - who to contact


Questions about...


A class assignment, task, or feedback

Classroom Teacher

A personal or social-emotional concern

Mrs. Johanson - 308-394-5700


A technology-related problem or

other learning related issues/questions

Mr. Gaston - 308-394-5700 rgaston@wpbroncos.net


Mr. Frecks - 308-285-3219 jfrecks@wpbroncos.net

Other issues related to learning or questions you might have

Mr. Geier - 308-394-5700 





Continuity Of Education Plan (as pdf)