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Social Media Guidelines

March 05, 2019


In recent weeks there have been many news reports regarding potentially dangerous and/or harmful memes and videos on YouTube, Kids YouTube, and other social media and video sharing apps.  As educators, your children’s safety is our number one concern, including internet safety. Most technology, including social media platforms and YouTube, can be used as great tools for communication, education, and entertainment. However, without proper guidance, education, and supports these tools can become extremely dangerous for any one of us, especially kids!

We have taken steps here at school to help ensure your child is not exposed to the dangerous sides of technology and we will be continuing to educate and talk to our students about these potential dangers.  We will also continue to teach them how to utilize technology as an outstanding tool.

Here are some tips that you can implement in your home and with your family to help ensure the safety and innocence of your children:

  • Set guidelines and limits with your kids (screen time/per day, parental controls, restricted modes, etc.)

  • Be present and know what apps your kids are using and what videos they are watching

    • You can utilize shared accounts to help you do this

  • Talk with your kids about what apps/games they like

  • Talk to your kids about critically evaluating the info and videos they consume online

    • Help them think about and answer the question, “Is this good or bad for me?”

  • Be willing to learn and work through these things WITH your kids and model appropriate use of technology for them


This link has some great additional resources for parents about internet safety and guides to specific popular apps: https://nationalonlinesafety.com/resources/platform-guides/


Also, please be sure to pay attention to our school social media pages and school website as we will be posting further information and tips for parents and kids regarding internet safety throughout the remainder of the school year.


Thank you,


Joseph Frecks, Principal